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            Rula is a profissional designer, who loves each line she draws, a lot of times she doesn't has a predetermined idea of what she is going to draw. It just happens. she attended Sciences and Technology University,  where she graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration, And then she belonged to New York Institute of Art and Design-  Sheffield school of Interior Design, U.S.A. New York, and graduated with Diploma degree in Interior designing (Excellent and Merit Award Winner).

These days she is working in advertising and Decoration domains.
Recently she started her Art journey to produce the highest level of designs.

Now she is CEO of Bashi Creative LLC in Washington, DC

Rula Specializes in highly creative design and can easily adapt to meet the design needs of any industry.
She provides design for all field mediums including: print, web, branding, product packaging...etc. 

To learn more or to contact Rula about a project or job please email :